Real field measurements

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I am looking for some some measurements from your lab to participate in coplasimon .
I want to validate a dynamic opto-electro-thermal model ( multi nodes electrical modeling with resistance and capacitance ) for different PV and PV/T and bifacial PV modules under real operating conditions . to predict the optimum performance and efficiency of PV modules

The measurements are the ambient temperature , wind speed , irradiation, surface temperature ( front and back ) , ambient temperature in backside , surface of module , active surface of module(must be calculated according to cell size ) .

Other characteristics are necessary like the type of cells and layers in the module .

Dear visitor,
I uploaded a datafile about the operation of a small bifacial system at INES.
you should find it in the datasets section.
unfortunately we don’t measure the front face module temperature, nor the backside air temperature.
I hope it may nevertheless help you in your work,


Thank you for your answer
I didn’t find the datafile
best regards

Hi, thank you for writing your question. I am glad to guide you through the data. Please find them on the CKAN COPLASIMON platform at this webapge Dataset - CKAN COPLASIMON.
Please register to the CKAN and do not hesitate if you have any issues.

Best regards,
The COPLASIMON organization

thank you for the assistance . I could not download the data (from - explore * download the resource).
best regards

Hi, I am happy to tell you that I solved the issue. It was just two files in the same place not allowing the download.’
You should be able now to download the data and do not hesitate to reach to us for other questions.